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Everything you need to know before you register your solution

Participation in GreenTech América Latina 2023

The fourth edition of GreenTech América Latina is coming! The next edition of the event that inserts innovative sustainable technologies start-ups in an ecosystem with decision-makers who seek to advance towards decarbonization and sustainable impact will take place in November 2023.

The registration process takes place through GreenTech Business by Build From Scratch. By registering your solution on the platform, in addition to gaining global reach and visibility, you will automatically be participating in the selection process to present your company at GreenTech América Latina 2023 event.

Why do I have to register my solution here?

Gain visibility for your solution, increase the opportunities of access to corporations and governments for business partnerships, and increase your presence on the qualified investors radar.

We are the first open platform that aims to connect sustainable technology creators with the ones searching for solutions for environmental problems. We organize and present information with innovative initiatives in order to accelerate its adoption, having the impact variable as the main drive.

How does it work?

Greentech Business is a platform of technological solution research with a high potential of positive impact on environmental problems. Its structure allows users to find the solutions they need with confidence.

The Solutions Registration have public and private fields. The private information can only be accessed by the platform subscribers who will be able to know the information in greater detail, and will be able to make contact to discuss partnerships and make investments.

How much is it to publish in GreenTech Business?

There is no cost for registration and solution maintenance in the platform. After the registration is approved, the solution becomes part of the database, and can be accessed by corporations, companies, governments, and investors interested in hiring your services or in making investments.

GreenTech Business charges a fee of success for a business done between companies and members that connect through the platform. This fee of success will only be charged after the conclusion of the business, according to the contract that will be settled in the process validation.

Who is GreenTech Business?

GreenTech Business is a business developed by Build from Scratch, founding company of GreenTech Latin America. We have plenty of experience in structuring projects of growth in new technologies, and we are partners with several corporations and governments. Since 2019, GreenTech Latin America has revealed 32 scale-ups that were successful in areas like biotechnology, renewable energy, sustainable cities, carbon markets, reverse logistics, nanotechnology, and other key areas in the development of sustainability.

What do I need to know before starting the registration?

We recommend that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully, clicking the button below, before starting the registration.

Build From Scratch

We are a platform of impact that has as a goal to unite entrepreneurs and startups with companies, governments, and clients, as well as to facilitate investment in sustainable solutions.

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