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A pioneering open platform with its own simple and functional methodology to bring important information that is impactful and worthy of investment.

Greentech Business is the link between those searching for solutions for problems and needs related to improving sustainability – this includes: Governments, Corporations, Companies, and Individuals – and the creators of solutions – sustainable tech companies that wish to develop their markets, breaking through frontiers and solving existing problems.

"We are born as pioneers with a vision that sustainability is more than just a present need; it is also the future. We believe in change, and we see that most of the sustainable technologies are present in the world, but many times, they are underutilized. We must implement them quickly in order to gain the best life conditions in the planet."

With this, we are going to simplify life for those that need to find impactful solutions and for those that want to invest in this area.

An initiative from Build from Scratch

Build From Scratch helps companies make their plans and dreams become successful businesses.

Companies look for new projects and growth. The lack of people and expertise in financial structuring result in delay, wrong decisions, deferments of projects, negative or inadequate results, that can lead to bankruptcy.

Build from Scratch structures projects, ideas, and builds businesses that gain life, flourish, and receive investments to grow.

BFS is the founder of GreenTech Latin America, an ecosystem that reveals technologies and connects them with corporations, governments, and investors that seek solutions for environmental problems.

Build From Scratch
Build From Scratch

We are a platform of impact that has as a goal to unite entrepreneurs and startups with companies, governments, and clients, as well as to facilitate investment in sustainable solutions.

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